Undergraduate Degree Program Information

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Undergraduate Degree Programs: Majors, Minors, Certificates

Majors in the College of Public Health
  -  Environmental Health
  -  Health Promotion
  -  Public Health  
  -  Environmental Health Science   
Certificate Programs

Routine Procedures

Changing Schools, Majors or Minors
Drop-Add Procedures
Pass/Fail Grading Option
Incomplete Grade Form

Transient Information
Withdrawal from Classes

College Leadership Program

Undergraduate Ambassador Program

Office of Academic Advising

How to make an Undergraduate Advising Appointment

Undergraduate Degree Requirements Found in the UGA Bulletin

UGA Bulletin
  -  College of Public Health Degree Requirements 
  -  UGA Graduation Requirements
  -  Environmental Literacy Requirement
  -  Resident Requirement
  -  United States and Georgia History Requirement
  -  Federal and Georgia Constitutions Requirement


First-Year Odyssey Seminars
Independent Study

Public Health Studies Abroad Programs
Additional UGA Study Abroad Programs

Appeals, Dismissal, Probation, Policies

Non-discrimination Statement

Guidelines for Petitions to the College of Public Health Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee

UGA Policy on Students' Right of Appeal

University Appeals Policy