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CPH students can make advising appointments online with the Student Advising & Registration Assistant, SARA. Clicking on this SARA link will open the SARA web page in a new browser window or tab. You may wish to bookmark the SARA web page.  Although the site identifies it as a Franklin College service, it will connect to your CPH advisor.

After logging in to SARA, choose “Make an appointment,” and then choose “Proceed to list of advising appointments,” which will bring you to a list of your advisor’s available appointment times. Schedule the appointment by clicking on the best available time from those displayed.

If you encounter difficulties or your advisor does not appear to have any open appointments, please email your advisor. Students who need to cancel or reschedule an appointment must do so 24 hours in advance.

CPH Advising Center

The College of Public Health has created a new Advising Center Fall 2016. Please note some potential changes to your assigned advisor. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Heather McEachern,

Locations: 304, 305, and 306 Ramsey

Advising appointments for environmental health:
All new and first year students should make an appointment with Ms. Lawrence.
Returning students should meet with their faculty advisor previously assigned.

Advisement appointments for health promotion majors:

All first year students should make an appointment with Ms. Lawrence.

Students in their second year: (Advising opens in October)
Last names beginning with A through M should make appointments with Dr. Freeman.
Last names beginning with N through Z should make appointments with Ms. Carter.

Students admitted to major as of fall 2016:
Third and fourth year students remained with their previous advisor in SARA. Anyone that met with Donovan Hollis last year will now be assigned to Nathan Freeman in SARA.


Contact information:

Priscilla Carter,  
Academic Advisor Coordinator
305 Ramsey Center

706-542-4380 (office)  

Nathan Freeman
,  Academic Advisor
304 Ramsey Center

706-542-8380 (office)

Trina Lawrence, Academic Advisor
306 Ramsey Center
706.542.7045 (office)

Heather McEachern, Office of Student Services
105 Rhodes Hall
Health Science Campus
Phone: 706-542-3183