Outreach Opportunities

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The mission of the College of Public Health is to promote health in human populations through innovative research, exemplary education, and engaged service dedicated to preventing disease and injury within the state and around the world.  The Office of Outreach and Community Engagement (OCE) supports the college’s mission by conducting activities to improve the health of Georgia’s citizens and their communities by partnering with academics, organizations and stakeholders to provide educational, research and training opportunities to individuals and communities throughout the state.  Please click HERE to learn more about Outreach Opportunities at the College of Public Health.

The Georgia Public Health Training Center is a new office within the College through which professional workforce training and continuing professional education are delivered to the public health workforce in the state of Georgia.  The center seeks to establish adult learning opportunities connecting the state-wide practice community with the academic communities in the state.  The center will provide free or subsidized training to public health workers at state, district and local level public health departments as well as other organizations addressing public health concerns throughout the state. A particular focus is on addressing the needs of rural areas of the state and areas that are medically underserved.


CPH at the Leadership Summit in Colquitt County