Undergraduate Requirements

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Standards for admission to the College of Public Health are the same as those for those admitted to the University.

The following grade point average (GPA) will apply:

  • All external transfer students must have a minimum overall GPA of at least 2.7 for acceptance to the major of Health Promotion.
  • All transfers within the University must have a minimum overall GPA of at least 2.7 for acceptance to the major of Health Promotion.
  • All students who are intended in the major of Health Promotion must have a minimum 2.7 overall GPA in order to declare the major.  Admission requirements may be reviewed on the UGA bulletin.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in Health Promotion and Behavior are prepared to work in a variety of settings. Such settings may include:

  • Corporate or worksite health promotion
  • Clinical/ healthcare settings
  • College/ university health promotion
  • Community agencies
  • Governmental agencies/ Public health

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credentialing is available from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC).

Special Requirements

  • CBIO 2200-2200L and 2210-2210L (Human Anatomy and Physiology) are prerequisites for KINS 3700, KINS 4630L and KINS 4310. KINS 3700 (or KINS 4630L) is a prerequisite for KINS 4320 and 4640-4640L.
  • BIOS 2010 or STAT 2000 is the pre-requisite for BIOS 3000
  • HPRB 3020 is the presrequisite for HPRB 3700
  • A grade of C or better is required for all courses included in the Major Requirements, including major electives.
  • A student must be certified in First Aid and CPR prior to the internship or Practicum C. This requirement may be fulfilled through American Red Cross or American Heart Association classes.
  • Application for HPRB 5560 (Field Experience) must be completed by the midterm of the semester preceding the anticipated field experience. For example: a student that expects to do a field experience in Summer Semester should have completed an application by the mid-term of Spring Semester. Field Experience materials are available from the Field Experience Coordinator.
  • It is recommended that all HPRB students compile and maintain a portfolio documenting and exhibiting work or experiences gained throughout the undergraduate program including the practicums and field experiences.

Field Experience in HPRB

The student, with the cooperation of the Department of Health Promotion and Behavior's Practicum or Field Experience Coordinator, arranges practicums and field experiences. See www.publichealth.uga.edu/hpb/student-resources/field-experience for more information. While paid experiences can be found, they are rare. Paid field experiences should not be expected.


Advisement is needed to ensure appropriate course sequencing.  See publichealth.uga.edu/hpb/advising for more information.



Three competitive awards are offered at the undergraduate level in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavior. A minimum overall and major GPA is required for each award and a standardized application process has been established. The deadline for these awards is the end of February annually. For more information contact the Undergraduate Coordinator through the Department Office, 542-3313.

All award applications packets should include the departmental cover sheet.