Welcome to the Workplace Health Group

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Who We Are

The Workplace Health Group (WHG) is a multidisciplinary research group founded by professors David DeJoy and Mark Wilson, in the College of Public Health, Department of Health Promotion and Behavior.

What Do We Do?

The Workplace Health Group conducts research on workplace health and organizational effectiveness. This work is fostered through multi-disciplinary collaboration and partnerships with business and industry.

In addition to scientific investigation, the Group disseminates research findings to clinicians, researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, and employer and employee groups to promote the health and safety of working people; encourages and facilitates graduate education; and participates in service and outreach programs and activities.

How Can You Contact Us?

Workplace Health Group
Department of Health Promotion and Behavior
128 Wright Hall, Health Sciences Campus

100 Foster Road                                                                                                                                             University of Georgia                                                                                                                                               Athens, GA 30602                                                                                                                       

706-542-4328 (office)

1-888-665-6285 (toll-free)

706-542-4956 (fax)