Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group: About Us

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Dr. Carol Cotton leads the Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group (TSREG) which consists of a working group of scholars and practitioners dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by highway traffic crashes.  This is completed through interdisciplinary research identifying effective program strategies and best practices for highway safety planning.

TSREG collaborates with federal, state, and local stakeholders with interests in traffic safety, including the the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), to conduct research on effective health promotion interventions and to assess and document program outcomes.

Mission Statement
TSREG’s mission is to provide comprehensive research and analysis on the effectiveness of traffic safety programs at the federal, regional and state levels. Mission-related activities include providing program evaluation services to federal and state agencies; performing grant review and analysis services for health and safety programs; providing technical consultation on traffic safety issues; conducting research on interventions designed to reduce morbidity and mortality attributable to traffic crashes; and developing and disseminating best practices analyses to stakeholders in the traffic safety, educational, and public health domains. TSREG is committed to the idea that health promotion programs based on solid scientific research and principles gleaned from systematic program evaluation can save lives and prevent injuries, whether those programs are implemented by public health professionals, professional educators, community activists, or law enforcement officers.

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