Public Health Evaluation Studies Group

The Public Health Evaluation Studies Group provides technical and programmatic assistance in formulating logic models, focus group training, developing questionnaires and data-collection protocols, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and report writing.

Workplace Health Group

The Workplace Health Group conducts research on workplace health and organizational effectiveness. This work is fostered through multi-disciplinary collaboration and partnerships with business and industry.

Youth Violence Prevention Group

The Youth Violence Prevention Group conducts research on the study and prevention of school violence and bullying and the promotion of positive, caring school environments.

The Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group

The Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group consists of a working group of scholars and practitioners dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by highway traffic crashes.

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Dr. Karen Hilyard
September 1, 2015
As a journalist and producer covering breaking news for CNN, Dr. Karen Hilyard always was drawn to the stories that many found harder to tell, particularly disaster stories or those that dealt with trickier topics in the science and health fields...


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