B.S. in Health Promotion: Application Procedures

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The health promotion major is high demand and has an application for admission. Information about applying for admission to the Health Promotion major:


  • Completion of General Education Areas I-VI (one core course in areas I-V may be finished after admission)
  • Overall grade point average (GPA) minimum of 2.7.   Student must be in Good Standing.
  • GPA in General Education Area I (Foundation skills) minimum of 2.7
  • GPA in General Education Area II (Sciences) minimum of 2.7
  • GPA in General Education Area VI (Courses related to program of study) minimum of 2.7 and no grade less than C (2.0) . The area VI requirements are
    • HPRB 1710
    • CBIO 2200/L
    • CBIO 2210/L
    • BIOS 2010
    • COMM 1100

Completed Essay:

Describe your career goals as you currently envision them.  What is your interest in health promotion and disease prevention?  Be sure to consider how this major fits with your goals.   Suggestions to consider include volunteer experience, work experience, personal experience, or relevant coursework that sparked your interest in health or in health promotion.  You should write in the first person and limit your answer to one page, double-spaced, 12 font print with one-inch margin. 
Please save essay as PDF as follows:  LastName_FirstName_CurrentSemester  
example:  McEachern_Heather_Fall2017.

Application for Admission

Application Procedure:

A student may make application to the Health Promotion major after satisfactory completion of the University General Education Curriculum requirements (or the core curriculum) (one course may remain incomplete at time of application). A student in the process of completing the required course work may be provisionally accepted contingent upon satisfactory completion of the required courses while maintaining the required 2.7 gpa’s for admission.  One core course may remain incomplete although it should be completed within one semester of beginning the major.  University requirements, including US and Georgia history and constitution requirements, must also be completed upon application.  

Each year, approximately 100 students will be accepted into the major (50 in the fall and 50 in the spring). Applicants are rank ordered based on the overall gpa, the gpa for area VI courses, the gpa’s for areas I and II, and the essay. The highest ranking students up to the quota for that semester are admitted. Simply meeting the admission requirements will not guarantee acceptance. Applicants who are not accepted may apply again the following semester. Students may apply for admission in the Spring if requirements will be completed in the Summer.

Please submit the application for admission and your essay by the posted deadline.
Questions?  Email cphadm@uga.edu.

Ms. Heather McEachern
Collegeof Public Health
105D Rhodes Hall, Health Sciences Campus
Universityof Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
706-512-3187 (voice)

Deadlines and Admission Decisions

The deadline for turning in an application for the major is the second Friday in September for fall admission cycle and the second Friday in February for spring admission cycle.

Admission decisions will be made by min-October for fall admission and mid-March for spring admission.  You will be notified by email of an admission decision.

Spring 2016: Applications due by 5:00 PM Friday, February 10, 2017.
Fall 2016:  Applications due by 5:00 PM Friday, September 8, 2017.