The "Suite" Life of HPAM

We had a SWEET party in the new HPAM student SUITE! Check out more pictures from our party here:

We are now located on the Health Sciences Campus and we love our new space!

Need a quiet place to study? Come take a tour of our new space and check out the HPAM student suite 105!

HPAM Students Participate in Fels National Policy Challenge

Students from the Department of Health Policy & Management at the College of Public Health (HPAM) are working in collaboration with students from the Department of Public Administration & Policy (PADP) at School of Public &...

Health Policy & Management

Health Policy and Management studies health care systems, health care reform, health care law, financial management, clinic management, and policy analysis.

Public Health Impact TV Show

This 30 minute program takes an in-depth look at critical public health projects and features analysis and information from the field by leading researchers in the College of Public Health.  Cham Dallas, John Vena, and Phaedra Corso on the set of Public Health Impact.

Child and Adolescent Health

Faculty in health policy study substance abuse, reproductive health, and maternal and child health outcomes, with an emphasis on low-income populations.

March 2, 2015
Why did you choose to get your degree in public health?
 My interests in public health really began with an introductory health promotion class. I started undgrad as a biology major with intent on going to medical school but quickly lost interest...



Welcome to the Department of Health Policy and Management in the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia. Our mission is to advance the health of the public through...