Graduate Certificate of Gerontology

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The Graduate Certificate of Gerontology is offered through UGA's Institute of Gerontology and can be pursued in several ways:
  • Graduate non-degree seeking
  • As part of your master's or doctoral degree studies
  • By undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors Program

The Certificate prepares you to address our aging society where you live and work. Courses are taught by faculty across campus and cover the public health, social, psychological, and biological aspects of aging. Six courses, 18 credit hours, are required. A typical 3 credit course meets about 3 hours per week for 15 weeks. Courses are offered on the UGA campus in Athens during the day or evening.

Contact the Graduate School for information about graduate admissions or the Honors Program for undergraduate honors students.

  1. What is gerontology?
  2. Careers in aging?
  3. What are the program's goals?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Non-degree students
  6. How do I apply?
  7. How much are the tuition and fees?
  8. What are the requirements?
  9. What are the curriculum policies?
  10. What forms will I need?

            Form 1: Application to the Certificate Program

              Form 2: Request for prior approval of practicum or research

              Form 3: Notice of completion of practicum or research

              Form 4: Request for completion of certificate


During the first semester of enrollment, students are asked to complete the Registrar's form which enrolls them in the Certificate through UGA’s Athena program, and ensures the Certificate appears on their transcript. 


Request More Information

For more information concerning the Graduate Certificate of Gerontology, please contact