Art show and symposium offer new view of aging

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February 24, 2014

The Red & Black spoke with Dr. Anne Glass, associate director of the Institute of Gerontology, and Melissa Armstrong, an intern at the Institute, about their involvement with the recent symposium, "Contemplating Aging," coorganized with the Athens Institute for Contemporary Arts, Inc. (ATHICA).  

“What I’ve found from the research I do is that we don’t talk about aging,” said Dr. Anne Glass, Associate Director and Graduate Coordinator for the Institute of Gerontology. “Our society is in age denial. We don’t give older people a chance to talk about aging.”

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In follow up coverage, the Red & Black also spoke with Dr. Glass and Lizzie Zucker Saltz, director emeritus at ATHICA, about the symposium and associated art exhibition "The Third Act: Contemplating Aging."  The exhibit will run at ATHICA through March 2. 

“Few opportunities are offered in our age-denying society, which is one reason I was enthusiastic about this exhibit,” Glass said. “The ultimate goal of gerontology as I see it is to help individuals have the best experience with aging possible, and this exhibit is a wonderful way to promote conversations that can help make that happen.”

Read the article here.

The original press release for the event can be found here.

A video interview and gallery tour (37 minutes) with Dr. Glass and Lizzie Z. Saltz is available here.

A free PDF version of the show's catalog is available for download here.