24th Annual Student Mentoring Conference: Call for Abstracts

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March 29, 2013

24th Annual Student Mentoring Conference in Gerontology and Geriatrics

Hosted by Hotel Indigo in Downtown Athens, GA
March 29th-30th

Downloadable Call for Abstracts (PDF): Click to view.

We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts and invitation to attend the 24th Annual Southeastern Student Mentoring Conference in Gerontology and Geriatrics. For over two decades, this conference has provided the only dedicated venue for students and faculty members from across the eastern United States, all of whom share a passion for gerontology and geriatrics.

The call for abstracts is included in this announcement. The Conference theme this year is “Public Health & Aging.” When the Student Mentoring Conference began in 1989 at the University of Georgia (UGA), no one imagined the conference would still be going strong over 20 years later. The first eight years of the conference were held at UGA as it was the primary and only sponsor. As the conference grew and expanded with additional sponsors, the annual conference began to rotate to different campuses.

The conference is sponsored by eight universities across four states. The invited program includes a faculty keynote address by a president of the Gerontological Society of America and student keynote addresses. The heart of the conference is poster-discussion sessions, which represent a key learning experience for participating students.

The conference will be hosted by UGA in Athens, just one hour northeast of Atlanta. Registration begins mid-morning on Friday, March 29th, with the conference starting early afternoon and continuing to Saturday evening, March 30th. 

Student registration fee is $50, which includes one dinner, one lunch, and coffee/snack breaks for both days of the conference. Also included in this announcement is information on registration and travel scholarships for the first authors of the posters. Cash prizes are awarded for the best posters and presentations at the event. Stellar entertainment will be available, exploring the famous music scene in Athens.

Call for Student Poster Abstracts
All graduate and undergraduate students are invited to submit abstracts for posters of their work for review and possible inclusion in the Conference program. Acceptance of an abstract, and subsequent registration, constitute a commitment to attend the entire Conference and present the poster.

Monetary awards will be presented at the close of the Conference for the top three presented posters as judged by a committee of faculty. All poster presenters are eligible to compete for the awards.

Criteria for Submission of Poster Abstracts & Posters
Abstracts may be on any topic in gerontology and geriatrics. Those related to the theme of “Public Health and Aging” are particularly appropriate. Abstracts should be factual and of general interest to others in the field of aging. A wide variety of presentation types will be considered, including those reporting research/practice, collaborations, and public policy discussions.

Guidelines for Poster Abstracts and Posters
Abstracts will be evaluated in terms of the importance, timeliness, and relevance of the topic, soundness of approach, and clarity of presentation. The abstract must be submitted via email attachment with the title, “Last name of first author – Abstract” on or before Friday, February 15, 2013 to Dr. Anne Glass via email at aglass@uga.edu. You should receive acknowledgement of receipt. If you do not receive this notification by Monday, February 18, 2013, please call the Institute at (706) 425-3222. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words and must include the following elements, in exactly this order, in a MS Word attachment:

1. Name of all authors. Participating student(s) names should be underlines and listed first
2. Email address of first author
3. School and department the student(s) is representing
4. Full title of the abstract
5. Clear statement of the issue/problem addressed
6. How information was gathered (research, literature research, model demonstration)
7. Data analysis and results, if appropriate
8. Conclusions

The format of the posters may be modified to reflect the type of information presented. Posters should be created in PowerPoint and be no larger than 36” x 48” and should include your email address. More details will be provided upon acceptance. 

Acceptance of Abstracts
Those who have submitted abstracts by the February 15, 2013 deadline will be notified of the Abstract Review Committee’s decision via email by February 22, 2013.



For More Information Please Contact us at (706) 425-3222
or email Dr. Anne Glass at aglass@uga.edu

This is the Downloadable Call for Abstracts (PDF):
 Click to view.