Careers In Aging

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A Growing Demand For Careers In Aging

People are living longer and the number of older adults is increasing, along with the diversity of their needs and interests. In addition to this growth, many states predict dramatic workforce shortages in industries that provide services to our aging population. Therefore, the demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly, and career opportunities in gerontology and geriatrics are numerous and varied.

Combining Your Interest With Gerontology

Our Gerontology Certificate Program helps students prepare to tackle the challenges of our aging population, whatever the student's interest. Student majors include:

• Architecture
• Biology
• Business
• Clothing design
• Consumer economics
• Counseling
• Education
• Financial and legal services
• Health policy
• Health promotion and education

• Housing
• Law
• Medicine
• Nursing
• Nutrition and food sciences
• Pharmacy
• Psychology
• Public health
• Social work

The program is interdisciplinary and contains sufficient flexibility to permit students to tailor the focus of their Certificate work to their particular interests. The Certificate Program represents a recognized and substantial academic accomplishment, which a student typically completes in addition to a graduate degree. A student may also choose to enroll for the Certificate Program only.

Careers In Aging

Here's an ever-growing list of fields and specialties that can have an emphasis on aging.

Accountants Geriatric Care Managers Occupaational Therapists
Activity Directors Geriatric Case Managers Outreach Services Managers
Aging Services Administrators Geriatricians Parks and Recreation Staff
Animal Assisted Therapists Gerontologists Patient Representatives
Architects Grant Writers Personal Assistants, Shoppers, Trainers
Art Therapists Grief Counselors Pharmacists
Assisted Living Administrators Health Educators Physical Therapists
Audiologists Herbalists Policy Development/Planning Administrators
Biogerontologists Historians Psychiatrists
Caregivers Home Modification Specialists Psychologists
Cohousing Coordinators Home Safety Inspectors Program Directors
Chaplains Hospice Care Providers Public Relations Coordinators
Daily Money Managers Human Resource Managers Recreational Therapists
Demographers In-Home Service Providers Researchers
Dentists Insurance Services Residential Care Service Providers
Dieticians and Food Service Directors Interior Designers Retirement Planners
Dining Services Administrators Leisure Service Administrators Retreat/Wellness Spa Managers
Disability Managers Licensed Practical Nurses and Nursing Assistants Senior Real Estate Specialists
Documenters Lobbyists Skilled Nurses
Elder Law Attorneys Long-term Care Administrators Social Workers
Elder Mediators Marketing and Sales Speech Therapists
Environmental Geriatricians Massage Therapists Therapists
Estate Planners Medical Directors Travel Agents
Event Planners Music Therapists Urban Planners
Fashion Designers Nurses Victim Advocates
Financial Planners Nursing Assistants Volunteer Managers
Fitness Trainers Nutrition Counselors Wellness Managers
Funeral/Mortuary Services Administrators Ombudsmen Yoga/Tai Chi Instructors
Genealogists Optometrists  


This booklet from from AGHE & GSA helps answer questions such as whether the aging field is right for you, how to become a professional and select a program in aging

Careers In Aging Week

Each year in April, the Institute of Gerontology and our Sigma Phi Omega students commemorate the Annual Careers In Aging Week with a variety of events and activities, such as networking and roundtable discussions.

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