MPH/DrPH Field Placement Checklist

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Welcome to the MPH/DrPH Field Placement page.  As a MPH or DrPH student, you will be required to complete a Field Placement. The office of the Practice Coordinator at the College of Public Health has agreements with many exciting sites.  These sites reflect the current Public Health job market and include agencies such as Georgia Department of Public Health and District Health offices, CDC, EPA, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, American Red Cross, Local hospitals and Non-profits. New agreements can be coordinated upon request.

This is a timeline and checklist for field placement along with links to all of the forms you will need.  For more detailed information on the Field Placement process,  follow the link below to the MPH or DrPH handbooks.  Please read everything carefully;  you are responsible for all submissions and deadlines.  

I would also like to invite you to the Field Placement Info session held in Fall and Spring Semester. See the master calendar for exact dates.

Documents are included for the Master of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health programs.  If you have any questions, please contact Nina Cleveland at

Directions for saving and electronically signing PDF documents:

  1. Open file from link provided
  2. On right hand side, click: "Open with another viewer" if applicable.
  3. Save file to computer
  4. Fill out form and sign electronically when finished and save again
  5. Send to Site Supervisor/Preceptor to sign electronically, save to their computer and send back to you.
  6. Complete step 5 for Advisor and finally Practice Coordinator.

Pre-Field Experience (beginning 2 semesters before)

  1. Schedule advisement with Academic Advisor to approve/discuss Field Placement timing.
  2. Schedule advisement with Practice Coordinator regarding site and MOU information and approval. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with your placement site is required for it to count toward your degree.  The Practice Coordinator will be able to tell you if the site you are interested in has a current MOU.  New MOUs can be initiated, but it can take up to 8 weeks to have one fully executed.  (No new MOUs will be initiated after the mid point of the semester before you are to enter into the field placement.)
  3. Contact and schedule Interview with site and acceptance into placement.
  4. Discuss projects and activities with Site Supervisor/Preceptor. Check with site supervisor about any IRB approval needed.
  5. Approval and Proposal Form completed with all signatures and sent to Practice coordinator (as PDF by email) DUE BY MID-TERM OF SEMESTER BEFORE GOING INTO INTERNSHIP.
  6. Applied Learning Agreement and the Records Release forms signed and witnessed and sent to Practice Coordinator as a PDF via email along with proposal documents.
  7. Obtain liability Insurance (information in handbook)
  8. Communicate with site about HR requirements. (e.g. background checks, paperwork, orientations, badges, parking)
  9.  If you are an MPH student, tegister for 6 hours of Internship (PBHL 7560).  If you are a DrPH student, register for 3 hours Residency (PBHL 9560) on Oasis (You will not be cleared to register unless you have your approval paperwork in and a MOU is in place.  NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  10. Track hours completed and submit with final documents.
  11. Field Placement Briefing - PowerPoint Slides

Field Experience Mid-term (by mid-term date)

  1. Check the Registrar’s website for important dates (Mid-term, last day of class)
  2. Mid-term Conference Call with Practice Coordinator and Site Supervisor/Preceptor scheduled
  3. Mid-term Evaluation completed with Site supervisor and sent to Practice Coordinator and Academic Advisor

End of Semester (1 week before last day of class)

  1. Complete Final Evaluation with Site Supervisor and send to Practice Coordinator and Academic Advisor
  2. Final Report completed using template and sent electronically to Practice Coordinator and Academic Advisor
  3. Field Placement Experience Survey completed. This will be sent to you via Suvey Monkey Link.