EPI/BIO Research Groups

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The Biostatistics and Methods Collaboration Unit offers comprehensive statistical consulting and data analysis services to the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Public Health, and those throughout the University of Georgia involved in public health and biomedical research. Our objectives are to enhance the quality of research proposals and papers through improved study design and the appropriate use of state-of-the art statistical methods, and to promote collaborative research between biostatisticians and faculty in public health and biomedicine leading to the development of new and innovative statistical procedures.


Cancer Epidemiology Working Group: The Cancer Epidemiology Working Group (CEWG) consists of faculty and students interested in any aspect of cancer epidemiology and/or prevention. Our goal is to identify knowledge gaps related to cancer in Georgia, and to develop projects to address these issues.  As a member of the CEWG, you will have the opportunity to learn about on-going cancer epidemiology research and become directly involved in cancer research, developing skills critical to becoming a successful public health professional.  For more information please contact Dr. Robb at swagner@uga.edu.    
Handel Research Group:  Our research focuses on mathematical and computational modeling of within-host and between-host infectious disease dynamics.  Recent research projects include; Influenza, Tuberculosis, Norovirus, Drug-resistance, pathogen-immune response interactions and evolution and adaptation of microbial populations.  For more information please see Dr. Handel’s research group page: http://handelgroup.uga.edu/