Biostatistics Collaborative Unit (BCU)

This unit offers comprehensive statistical consulting and data analysis services to the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Public Health, and those throughout the University of Georgia involved in public health and biomedical research.

Master of Public Health in Epidemiology

The epi MPH offers a focus either in general epidemiology, global infectious diseases, or molecular epidemiology. Students will learn how to design, conduct and analyze clinical investigations and research studies in public health.

Master of Public Health in Biostatistics

The biostat MPH focuses on biostatistical methods and their application to public health problems. Includes data quality control, interpretation of statistical results, statistical computing, designing surveys, experiments, and clinical trials, and statistical modeling of data....

June 9, 2015
Dr. Jane Mutanga-Mutembo, a doctoral student in epidemiology at the University of Georgia College of Public Health, has been awarded the 2015-2016 Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowship.  The one-year, renewable grant provides...


The Board of Regents has approved the creation of the MS & Ph.D. programs in Biostatistics.  This program will begin Fall 2014 so make plans now to apply!  Contact Dr. Steve Rathbun at for more information.