Christopher Whalen

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Ernest Corn Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
B.S. Miller Hall Room 130
Health Sciences Campus
University of Georgia
101 Buck Road
Athens, GA 30602
Educational Background: 
Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Literature, General, Stanford University, United States, 1978
Doctor of Medicine, Medicine (M.D.), Case Western Reserve University, United States, 1984
Master of Science, Epidemiology, Case Western Reserve University, United States, 1992
Research Interests: 

As a physician-epidemiologist I am interested in reducing the suffering and mortality associated with infectious diseases, especially tuberculosis and HIV infection. I am committed to working in the regions of the world that are most afflicted by these diseases so my research and clinical activities focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. My research portfolio includes clinical trials and observational studies. My main research activities endeavor to improve current methods and strategies for tuberculosis control and to improve clinical care for tuberculosis among HIV-infected persons. An equal part of my work involves building capacity for research, teaching and clinical care in Africa. I am committed to training future leaders in science and public health in Africa and providing them to equipment, workforce, and infrastructure to be successful.