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  • Change of major form
  • Internship forms (down right side)
    • Follow these steps to use a .RTF file:

      • Save the form to the hard drive of your computer or a portable medium such as a 3.5" floppy disk, ZIP disk, or CD-RW. Make sure that you know the location of the saved file on your machine.
      • Open the file using Microsoft Word (most of the forms can be opened by WordPerfect too).
      • Complete the form by typing in the blank fields.
      • Save the completed form.
      • Submit the completed form by one of these two methods:
      • Attach the form to an email sent to the Internship Coordinator OR
      • Print the form and deliver it to the Internship Coordinator's office.
    • Follow these steps to use a .PDF file:
      • Print the form either directly from the web site or from your computer if you saved the form there first.
      • Complete the form by writing in the blank fields.
      • Submit the completed form by delivering it to the Internship Assistant's office.

Download either document format for your use.