Student Resources

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This part of the Environmental Health Science Web site provides students with key information they need to navigate their curriculum and to join organizations and activities affiliated with the department. The information is divided into the three categories identified by the tabs above.

The Academics section provides students with details about the undergraduate and graduate curricula, environmental health science course descriptions, and a list of links to useful sites such as financial aid and placement services.

The Activities section contains information about student organizations that are sponsored by the department. These organizations provide students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers on public service activities, participate in longitudinal research projects, engage in non-traditional learning, and gain leadership skills that strengthen their professional inter-personal skills and build their base of practical experience.

The Internships section contains information and administrative forms that undergraduate students need to obtain and complete an internship in environmental health science. All students pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Health must complete at least 3 credit hours of internship. Read about the internship process and obtain the required paperwork here. Also be sure to schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator, Ms. Ella Willingham.