Graduate Application Process for MSEH and PhD Degrees

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Applicants will be evaluated based on GRE scores, GPA (undergraduate and/or graduate), official or unofficial transcripts, statement of interest and three letters of recommendation. Students seeking admission to the PhD program directly from a bachelor’s degree will be expected to show a high level of achievement in their undergraduate degree to indicate capacity for adequate performance in PhD level curriculum and research. International students whose native language is not English must also submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Students admitted to the PhD program should have earned a degree (bachelor’s or master’s) from an accredited program in Environmental Health or any equivalent science degree (Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, etc.).

The admissions committee of the Dept. of Environmental Health Science will review all applications and make recommendations to the full faculty. For an applicant to be accepted to the program following favorable departmental review, one member of the faculty will need to sponsor the applicant as the academic and research advisor.


The Department of Environmental Health Science considers applicants for fall matriculation*. Final applications deadlines follow the dates set by the graduate school:

Domestic and International Applicants
Fall Semester

* Students may be considered for Spring/Summer admission only under extraordinary conditions and based on the explicit recommendation of a faculty advisor.

**For full consideration of funding and aid, applicants should have their completed applications submitted before January 1, for Fall admission**

Application materials to be sent directly to the Graduate School:

  • Application
  • Application-processing fee
  • Two transcripts (official academic records for international applicants) from each institution of higher education attended. Unofficial transscipts will be accepted as a part of the application. If accepted, UGA will require one official transcript to be sent.
  • GRE scores
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • (recommended) PPI Evaluation Report offered by ETS, the provider of the GRE

International Applicants - additional information needed

  • TOEFL scores
  • Certificate of Finances (COF) form
  • Financial Certification Statement and Visa Information
  • For more information on International Applications and tuition please click here.

Application materials to be sent directly to the EHS department:

  • Departmental Application, which includes:
    • Cover form (see link above)
    • Statement of interest
    • CV (or resumé)
    • Supplementary evidence of scholarly activity (e.g., published paper, abstract, etc.)

Please mail the departmental materials to:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Environmental Health Science
206 Environmental Health Science Building
Athens, GA 30602-2102
or email to:

Contact Information:

Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Erin Lipp
Graduate Coordinator's Assistant (706.542.0527)