PhD in Environmental Health Science

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The EHS Department offers the PhD in Environmental Health Science. Through coursework and research experiences, PhD graduates will meet the following competencies:

1)      Exhibit a strong foundation in the core disciplines of environmental health science, including air quality, food and water quality, environmental exposure, toxicology and risk assessment.

2)      Follow and promote good ethical practices in the conduct of research

3)      Apply biostatistical approaches and evaluate epidemiological studies as they pertain to environmental health research beyond the introductory level

4)      Evaluate and critique emerging areas of research in environmental health science and their application to the larger public health discipline

5)      Demonstrate in-depth knowledge in at least one area of specialization within the framework on environmental health science

6)      Formulate new scientific knowledge in the field of environmental health science and effectively communicate results and their significance through publications, discussions and presentations.

Fulfillment of these objectives will be assessed through successful completion of core and elective coursework, satisfactory completion of written and oral comprehensive exams, development and execution of a cohesive research plan, and documentation and communication of research results through a final dissertation. In most cases, dissertations contribute to at least three publications in scientific journals.

Graduate students can focus their studies and research into one of several areas including:

•      Air and water quality
•      Aquatic toxicology
•      Cancer etiology & prevention
•      Climate and health
•      Environmental chemistry
•      Environmental microbiology
•      Environmental ‘omics
•      Exposure and risk assessment
•      Food safety
•      Global environmental & occupational health
•      Industrial hygiene
•      Microbial ecology & infectious disease
•      Reproductive & developmental toxicology

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