Graduate Certificate

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Disaster Management Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management provides students with an understanding of the principles of disaster management.  Students receive advanced training in planning for and response to man-made and natural disasters to improve health outcomes and reduce property losses in affected regions around the world.


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Environmental Ethics

The Graduate Certificate in Environmental Ethics requires the completion of at least 18 semester hours of course work, including 10 to 11 hours of graduate work in four core courses, 4 to 5 hours of graduate work in approved electives, an oral exam, and an approved research paper in environmental ethics designated for at least 3 hours of graduate credit. The two readers for the required graduate certificate paper can come from any department, but at least one must be an EECP faculty member.

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Global Health Certificate

The Certificate program in Global Health is designed to equip graduate students with the basic skills necessary to function effectively in global health practice. Recognizing the critical role of multi-disciplinary education in global health, electives and internships will be expected by student involvement with various other colleges and schools of the university. Objectives of the program include: increase students’ understanding of the global character of health problems, demonstrate the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving global health problems, develop skills that enable efforts to address global health problems and develop knowledge that will assist in advocacy for the solution of global health problems.

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Water Resources Certificate Program

The Graduate Water Resources Certificate is intended to provide incentives and structure for graduate students in water-related fields. While earning a graduate degree in a specific discipline related to water resources, students who sign up for the Graduate Water Resources Certificate will acquire an improved understanding of the biophysical, social, and institutional aspects of terrestrial and aquatic systems.

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