Internships of Current EHS Students

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Internship at UGA

Cho Erica Kim is a senior in the Environmental Health Science department. After graduating from UGA, Cho would like to go on to get her Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and then move on to work with the Peace Corps. She is interested in working in third world countries to help achieve environmental and health care equality in these nations. To prepare herself for her future goals in academia and her career, Cho has taken up two internships here with UGA’s Environmental Health Science department during summer 2014.

First, she will be working with Dr. Kun Lu, a professor and researcher here in the Environmental Health Science department who studies environmental chemistry and environmental omics. During Cho’s internship with Dr. Lu she will work with cells to study the effects of ergothioneine on DNA to understand its potential of being an antioxidant and its possible effects against specific diseases. This project will be 180 hours (approximately one month) with the possibility of an extension.

Cho’s second internship will be with Eric Goolsby a graduate student in the UGA department of Plant Pathologies who studies life evolution and other ecological studies. Cho will work with Eric for 90 hours (approximately two weeks) with the possibility for an extension. In this project Cho will be working with different species of sunflowers to study the effects of environmental stress. She will study and analyze the evolution of the sunflower for specific traits that relate to those stress factors.

In addition to furthering the research in these projects, Cho hopes to learn more about experimental designs and independent studies while becoming more independent in a lab setting. She is excited about being able to apply ideas that she has learned in lecture to real life sections and working with professors and fellow students who are pursuing excellent goals and analyzing traits on phylogenetic trees for specific organisms.