Chemical Disaster Decontamination Drill

Hospital decontamination team members cut away contaminated clothing from a victim (mannequin) during a mock chemical contamination disaster.

Analyzing contaminated materials

Institute alumnus and staff member Brigitte Townsend analyzes contaminated material inside the National Guard mobile analytical laboratory.

Chemical Disaster Decontamination Team Spray Down

Chemical Decontamination Team members decontaminating their suits before removing them after a decontamination drill.

Gear laid out for chemical or radiological spill response.

Gear laid out for chemical or radiological emergency response.

Savannah Hurricane Exercise at 48 hours prior to landfall

The Institute works with hospitals and emergency management agencies in Coastal Georgia to prepare for hurricane evacuations and relocations.

Cham Dallas and Ed Rollor with contaminated material

Institute staff and students work with hazardous material disaster teams across the State.


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