About DMAN

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The mission of DMAN is to reduce the casualties and social disruption from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) events and natural disasters through engagement in planning, mitigation, risk analysis, professional training, and the development of response capabilities and infrastructure.

With a focus on medical training, mass casualty planning and response, and information technology applications, this Institute is an extension of the previous federally-funded Center (2002-2007), the Center for Mass Destruction Defense (CMADD), which was part of the national network of Public Health Preparedness Centers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The DMAN is working with state and federal organizations as well as private partners to develop a coordinated research and training program for standardized mass casualty healthcare nationwide, with a focus on medical training, mass casualty planning and response, and information technology applications. Below are examples of our activity:

  • A model program is under development for hands-on medical training for existing practitioners and current students that will have to deal with the horrific consequences of WMD and other large scale, mass casualty events. These curricula, the Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS), Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS), and Core Disaster Life Support (CDLS), have been adopted by the American Medical Association (AMA) as its national standard for WMD medical education. The ADLS, BDLS, and CDLS programs have been presented to over 40,000 health practitioners in 43 states.
  • Adapting information technology applications to enable treatment of mass casualties in medical response systems and the use of medical casualty models using real-time data are DMAN assets for national/regional response. Recently, one of the largest interactive hospital exercises with mass casualties in the nation was conducted by DMAN, involving 129 hospitals interacting with real-time medical responses to scientifically relevant pandemic flu casualty model inputs.
  • Media products for mass casualty training and response are being developed for nationwide distribution to establish a high standard of performance in a crisis and in advance of emergencies, for release to national and local media for public education and prevention of panic. A video aimed specifically at pharmacist training has been sent to all 6,300 pharmacists in the State of Georgia and has been distributed to others in Canada.
  • The Defense Threat Reduction Agency's (DTRA) models are employed to calculate mass casualties from WMD terrorist incidents for use in management of emergency reponse, command and control, and training medical, public health, law enforcement and administrative personnel. DMAN worked with Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Public Health Division, and the Georgia Ofice of Homeland Security to develop the mass casualty plan for the G8 summit last year, and has designed detailed models for WMD mass casualty response for Atlanta.

Over the last five years, DMAN received $2,558,959 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and $2,950,000 from the State of Georgia in support of these efforts.

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