CPH Logo Guidelines

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In Sept. 2016, the University of Georgia launched a refresh of its logo and visual identity system in order to meet the technical demands of today's ever evolving digital media.  

You can learn more about this effort on the UGA Brand Toolkit Website, which will serve as a resource for all information related to the UGA brand (e.g. - visual identity, editorial style guide, trademarks and licensing, social media guidelines, etc.)

New logos for the College of Public Health are also currently available. Please contact us with your logo needs.

When to use the CPH logo

The words “The University of Georgia College of Public Health,” must appear on the front of all official College publications. One of the logos (in a legible size) must appear on or within each publication, preferably on front, back, or title page.

Use of the approved logo is required in all public visual representations of the College of Public Health, including but not limited to: printed publications, departmental websites, PowerPoint presentations, video productions, exhibit materials, etc., produced by faculty, staff and students of the College.

Alternative versions of the logo are available that may meet your project needs, please contact us for more information.

** CLICK HERE for more information on College of Public Health logo options.**

The University of Georgia Official Logo

Guidelines regarding the official logos and marks of the University of Georgia can be found on the University of Georgia Branding Website.  The site also offers official UGA logos for download.  

Any product bearing UGA trademarks or a specific departmental logo must be purchased from licensed manufacturer. Please refer to the vendors list when ordering promotional items.

Additional Resources:
UGA Trademark Agreement & Licensing Policy
UGA Logo Approval Form

Have any questions about your logo needs? Please contact:

Rebecca Ayer
Director of Communications