Faculty of Global Health

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The Center for Global Health is creating a Global Health Research database comprised of all current and potential international health researchers from across the University of Georgia. It is our goal that this database will be used for campus-wide networking and, if necessary, to form multidisciplinary research-ready teams. 

As of June 2012, there are 34 members from 6 different UGA colleges/ schools, 2 Centers, and 1 institute. Our members, who range from Deans to Postdoctoral Researchers, represent 74 different academic research areas.

The Center for Global Health is committed to bringing multidisciplinary groups of researchers together. If you are a UGA faculty member who is currently conducting global health-related research and would like to become a member of our growing list of faculty, please complete this short survey. The survey is only 8 questions long and asks you to list your major research areas and countries that you have conducted research in or on behalf of.  

Becoming a member will not provide you with any obligations, but will allow us to inform you of research opportunities you may be interested in and provide potential connections for you and students looking for research experience. 

See who you can collaborate with on your next grant here.