Master of Public Health: Concentration in Health Promotion and Behavior

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The M.P.H. requires a minimum of 44 semester hours of coursework, including the completion
of an internship. To graduate, students must pass a final culminating experience. The
curriculum comprises the following areas and courses:

Preferred Background

A background in the social, behavioral and/or health sciences and public health experience is preferred for applicants to the HPB concentration.

MPH Core Course Requirements (15 hours)

  • BIOS 7010 Introduction to Biostatistics I
  • EHSC 7010 Foundations of Environmental Health
  • EPID 7010 Introduction to Epidemiology I
  • HPAM 7010 Introduction to Health Policy and Management
  • HPRB 7010 Social and Behavioral Foundations

HPB Concentration Core Requirements (15 hours)

  • HPRB 7160 Special Topics in Cultural Competance
  • HPRB 7270 Resource Development & Program Implementation
  • HPRB 7370 Social Marketing of Health: Theory and Process
  • HPRB 7470 Program Evaluation in Health Promotion and Education
  • HPRB 7920 Health Behavior and Theory

Public Health Elective Courses: Choose minimum of 5 hours

Health Promotion and Behavior offers a variety of approved electives throughout the year. Please contact your advisor for assistance in choosing electives offered in both the Department and throughout the University. It is your responsibility to make sure th electives you choose will be approved by your advisor and the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Jessica Muilenburg. 

Other Required Courses

  • Internship (PBHL 7560, 6 hours): Requires 300 clock hours in an appropriate Public Health setting. Students choose the site or their internship with the assistance of the Academic Advisor and Internship coordinator.  The internship is intended to be a culminating experience
    at the end of the students’ coursework.
  • Culminating Experience (PBHL 7800, 3 hrs): The culminating experience is a capstone
    paper completed under the direction of a faculty advisor in the final semester of the program.