DrPH Frequently Asked Questions

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How is a DrPH different from a PhD?

It is important to differentiate a PhD from a DrPH program. The doctor of philosophy (PhD) is an advanced degree in research training, theory and methodology. The program stresses knowledge and competency in statistical methods and research design. Recipients of this degree have a comprehensive understanding of research methods and the application of these methods. Usually PhD programs emphasize the utilization of experimental and quasi-experimental research designs. Such training prepares PhD graduates for academic and related professions that involve teaching and research. Universities, other academic institutions, or organizations conducting research generally employ these graduates. The UGA College of Public Health currently offers PhD programs in Toxicology and in Health Promotion and Behavior.

This program focuses on a “professional” DrPH degree targeting toward administrators and practitioners who have three or more years of professional experience beyond the MPH degree. As an advanced professional degree emphasizing methods, applications, and applied research, the DrPH links theory to practice. Its graduates solve significant public health issues using innovative methods and new knowledge. Prospective careers include high-level administration, teaching, policy-making, applied research, or program evaluation positions in which graduates will utilize the advanced analysis, critical evaluation, and problem-solving skills at the core of the DrPH program.

Where are courses taught?

Courses are currently taught on the Athens campus. We do not offer online courses at this time. Classes will be face-to-face.

Beginning August 2017, DrPH required courses will be offered at the UGA Gwinnett Campus in Lawrenceville.

How long will it take to complete the program?

Some students can complete the program in 3 years if they enroll as full time students to complete the minimum requirement of 57 hours.