Public Health Impact Episodes

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The College of Public Health is excited to present the fourth season of Public Health Impact on WUGA-TV!

Produced by the University of Georgia College of Public Health, Public Health Impact (PHI) looks at today's critical issues in the field of public health including obesity, sexually transmitted disease, tobacco use and more.

The show is hosted by CPH faculty members Dr. Cham Dallas and Dr. Phaedra Corso and features experts from the College of Public Health, UGA, and across Georgia actively engaged in protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention and detection, and control of infectious diseases. PHI, which first aired in spring 2010, is the one of the longest running TV series on UGA’s television station, WUGA-TV.

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming air dates and times and to view individual episodes from the series. 

WUGA-TV is operated by UGA through a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting and reaches 1.5 million households throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia.  CLICK HERE to view the channel number for your area.

Upcoming Airdates and Times

Now airing! Episodes 39 and 40, the final two episodes of PHI!


Ep 40: Telemedicine, MBA/MPH, MPH Poster Day Ep 39: Childhood Obesity & Georgia SHAPE Ep 38: HIV/AIDs at 30 Ep 37: Dementia & Aging
Ep 36: 2013 Graduation Ep 35:  Injury & Violence Prevention Ep 34: Workplace Health Ep 33: Emergency Preparedness Drills
Ep 32: Public Health
Internships & Careers
Ep 31: Health Impact of Tuberculosis Ep 30:  Global Health (Croatia) Ep 29: Affordable Care Act
Ep 28:  2012 Poster Day & Graduation Ep 27:  AIDS Athens Ep 26:  Gerontology Ep 25: Food Safety & Toxicology
Ep 24: Water Quality Ep 23: Health & Risk Communication Ep 22: Air Quality Ep 21: Evidence Based Practice
Ep 20: Careers Ep 19: Tuberculosis Ep 18: Health Care Reform Update Ep 17: Public Health in Georgia
Ep 16: Creating the GA Dept. of Public Health Ep 15: Global Health Symposium Ep 14: Dublin Decontamination Exercise Ep 13: Quality Improvements
Ep 12: Career in Public Health Ep 11: Sexual Health Ep 10: Infectious Diseases Ep 9: Global Health
Ep 8: Health Care Reform Ep 7:  Injury Prevention Ep 6: Child Health &
CPH Community Outreach
Ep 5: Influenza
Ep 4: Cancer Ep 3: Gerontology Ep 2: Emergency Preparedness Ep 1: What is Public Health?